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GEC Membership Questions and Policies

What is the Green Energy Collaborative?
Since 1996, Citizen Power has been working as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to promote consumer and environmental interests in the electric utility industry. Although we have been successful in lowering electricity bills and encouraging the use of renewable generation through litigation and negotiation with electric utilities, Citizen Power has been also been seeking unique opportunities to advance our dual goals of lower prices and greener electricity. A result of this mission is the Green Energy Collaborative Program (GEC), a program administered by Citizen Power aimed at promoting renewable energy resource development by encouraging individuals in Pennsylvania to purchase competitively priced 100% certified renewable electricity.

Why Should I Shop for Electricity?
Electricity service is composed of three different products; the generation of electricity, the transmission of electricity through high-voltage lines from the generation plant to the local electricity network, and the distribution of electricity through the local network to your home. In Pennsylvania, you are now allowed to decide who produces your electricity. There are now numerous choices available to you regarding who provides your electricity. This choice has no effect upon the reliability of your electric service since your local distribution company is still responsible for repairing electric lines during storms and providing your monthly bill. The only difference is the source of your electricity. Not only can you choose your electricity supplier based on price, but you have the option to choose an electric supply that is environmentally friendly.

Why Should I Choose TriEagle Electricity?
Citizen Power negotiated with TriEagle Energy to create a product for GEC members that is 100% certified wind electricity and competitive with conventional generation sources. Because the GEC is both an environmental and consumer advocate, it is important that we offer only fixed-rate products that you will not have to worry about being surprised by your rate fluctuating each month, as in a variable rate product. Another criteria of our wind product is that it must be 100% Wind - TriEagle offers both a 100% Pennsylvania Wind Product and a 100% National Wind Product. Furthermore, in addition to Citizen Power working as a local non-profit striving to bring the lowest cost 100% fixed rate renewable electricity to the region, we also work in other ways for the good of the region. We have conducted free day-long training workshops on renewable energy and green buildings for over 1,460 Pennsylvania teachers who have each taken back to the classroom over $150 dollars worth of renewable energy and energy efficiency equipment to reach over 100,000 students annually. We also provide consumer and environmental representation to the electricity regulation/deregulation process. So we are trying really hard to make a difference you can check out our website ( to learn more about us!

How is the Green Energy Collaborative Involved?
The main obstacle to supplying low-cost, environmentally conscious electricity to residential consumers is the high cost of marketing. In fact, the marketing costs have historically been greater than the additional cost to provide green energy. Finding customers who want green energy is costly, and the price of green electricity has reflected those costs. This has resulted in a Catch-22 situation; high marketing costs necessitate higher prices while those same higher prices reduce the effectiveness of the green marketing effort. Citizen Power is keeping the marketing costs down in order to create a competitive green energy product. So please tell your friends about us!

What is Certified Wind Electricity?
Renewable energy credits (RECs) are tradable certificates in the United States that represent proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from a renewable energy resource. The idea is to promote the expansion of renewable energy generation by allowing renewable generators to sell their electricity into the electricity market at market prices (which is convenient) while still collecting a premium by selling their RECs into a separate REC market. Utilities in Pennsylvania and other states are required to purchase enough RECs to back a small percentage of their power. Why have separate electric power and REC markets? Because the electric power markets must respond to supply and demand factors that change by the hour, while buyers in the REC market may want to purchase the RECs they need for a month or a year all at once. Certified RECs are guaranteed to be created from a renewable resource.

Is TriEagle as reliable as the other companies?
Yes. You will not lose power for any reason other than the risks you already face, such as a storm knocking down power lines in your neighborhood. If there is a problem, it is still your electric distribution company (Duquesne Light, PECO, PPL, MetEd, Penelec, or West Penn) that you call. It will still be your electric distribution company that sends you your bills and reads your meter.

Will my power go out if the wind dies down?
No. Your power will be just as dependable as it is now.

Is there any fee to switch to TriEagle?
There is no fee for switching to TriEagle. However, if you currently have an alternative supplier, you should check with them to see if they charge a cancellation fee.

Is there a cancellation fee if I break my contract?
That depends. If you move, there is no cancellation fee. If you simply want to switch to a different supplier before the expiration of your contract, there is a fee of $125. This is because TriEagle purchases all the electricity it expects you to use for the duration of the contract up front, which is why we can guarantee you a low price for the duration of the contract.

Are There Any Additional Expenses With GEC Membership?
No. The only price that you will pay is the currently advertised price charged by TriEagle for their electricity product.

What does my TriEagle price include?
It includes your energy rate, supplier transmission costs and an estimated Gross Receipts Tax (GRT). Pay special attention when comparing supplier prices. Some suppliers are not including GRT into their price. Since GRT is mandatory, TriEagle’s price gives a better view of what you will pay every month. No hidden surprises. No pass through charges. You will pay your energy rate times usage plus any applicable taxes.

Will I still be able to take advantage of “budget billing”?
Yes, you can purchase the electricity you use from us and remain on your utility’s Budget Billing Program. Residential customers who desire to take advantage of budget billing may contact their electric utility and/or supplier and request budget billing at any time.

What if I Receive Benefits from an Energy Assistance Program?
Switching to an electric generation supplier away from the default service provider may affect your ability to receive benefits. It is recommended that you stay with the default service provider.

I am in a Net-Metering Program, Can I Switch Generation Providers?
Yes, you can. However, you will no longer be eligible to receive net-metering credits for the billing cycles in which your generation is greater than your consumption. Your generation will continue to offset up to 100% of your consumption charges.

How do I know if I have successfully switched my electricity provider?
You will receive a residential electric agreement and a residential disclosure statement to your email account the same day you submit your application to TriEagle Energy. Within a few weeks you will receive a letter from your electric distribution company confirming your electricity generation supplier switch.

When will the switch happen?
Once you complete the sign-up process on line, an email will be sent confirming your enrollment and contract date. Your switch will occur 16 days before your next meter read date. If you enroll after the 16 day Pennsylvania Switch rule, you will be enrolled at the next meter read date. Please check the email sent, which will give an approximate switch date for your location.

How long is the contract?
You may choose a contract for a fixed term of 12, 24 and 36 months. Prices for different durations may vary.

What happens when my contract expires?
You will be offered another contract. You can accept the new contract or reject it without any fee.

Are There Any Other Benefits to Joining the GEC?
Yes. In the future the GEC will be providing some energy efficiency services for their members in order to further reduce environmental impacts from electricity generation. These services will be completely voluntary and provided at either no cost or a subsidized rate.

Why don't I see the Green Energy Collaborative rates on the PA Power Switch website?
Since TriEagle Energy only offers its Green Eagle electricity products to Green Energy Collaborative members, you must first complete the GEC sign-up process before TriEagle will offer you its Green Eagle prices.

For more information, check PA Power Switch, a site run by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission.

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